Aircraft sales

Do you dream about your own plane?

Egmont Aviation is the official distributor of Diamond Aircraft (Austria) and JMB Aircraft (Czech Republic) and we:

provide qualified assistance in choosing an aircraft;
 select an individual configuration;
 take care of all juridical aspects related to the purchase, registration and delivery of the aircraft.

Diamond Aircraft catalog                                         JMB Aircraft catalog




Do you want to buy profitably and quickly?

Consider the trade in option from the manufacturer:

fast delivery;
➤ full inspection of the aircraft;
 factory warranty for 12 months;
 individual interior and exterior;
favorable cost.

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European aircraft registration:

  the ability to perform flights without restrictions on the territory of the European Union and Ukraine;
  optimization of customs clearance and registration costs for flights in Ukraine;
  the ability to extend airworthiness on the territory of the Republic of Slovenia;
  simplified process of subsequent sale of the aircraft at the European registration;
  conversion of the ICAO pilot license to EASA;
  passing the technical inspection of the aircraft quickly and with minimal costs.

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Invest in an airplane and get:

  turnkey business in the Republic of Slovenia;
  residence in a European country.

Aircraft investment for permanent residence

Aircraft investment for employment in Europe

Aircraft investment for dividends

Collective aircraft investment







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