Aviation English Course

 Aviation English Course with a teacher via Skype.


The General Aviation English course includes the following topics:

  • Airport structure. Terminal Layout and Services. Ground handling operation. Ramp marshal hand signals
  • Aircraft structure. Instruments.
  • Aviation accidents and incidents
  • Traditional and modern flight control systems. Analogue and glass cockpit
  • Medical checks. Health. Pilot incapacitation
  • Weather in aviation
  • Wildlife on the ground. Animals on board


The radio exchange course

includes the study and practice of the aviation alphabet, standard words and phrases used by the pilot and dispatcher during all phases of a routine flight, practical exercises such as:

  • Departure information and ATIS. Route clearance
  • Start-up.Push-back.Taxi. Line-up
  • Take-off
  • Initial climb. Climb. End of climb
  • En route. En route position reports
  • Descent
  • Approach
  • Final approach and landing
  • Distress and urgency


The ICAO Level 4 test preparation course

includes the study of special terminology necessary in case of a non-standard or emergency situation on board an aircraft and the necessary phraseology, as well as audio and video materials:

  • Pilot job and responsibilities
  • Pre-flight briefing
  • Runway incursion. Airport security system
  • Weather and meteorology
  • Aircraft structure and instruments. First aid 
  • Pilot incapacitation. Bird strike
  • Depressurization. Engine failure
  • Fire on board. Fuel problems




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