Diamond DA62 Diamond DA62

Diamond DA62

Diamond DA62


Diamond DA62 is a new design standard for twin-engine aircraft. The improved model is designed to give freedom of movement and make your travels even more enjoyable. 
The DA62 moves more passengers and equipment farther and faster than anything else in its class, with exceptional fuel efficiency, luxury and twin-engine security.
Space. Performance. Efficiency. Luxury. The Ultimate Flying Machine.

Diamond DA62 model combines all the most important qualities for a modern aircraft:

➤ expressive style
➤ lightweight carbon composite construction
➤ excellent flight performance
➤ space and efficiency

Speed and performance


DA62 demonstrates outstanding economy. Two Austro AE330 diesel engines, 180 hp each, burn only 10 gallons (36 liters) per hour each, at a maximum speed of about 200 knots. Slow down a little - to 75% - and you will get 187 knots / hour, but at a consumption of 7.4 gallons (26.6 liters) per engine.
A very impressive total consumption of 14.8 gallons (53 liters) is even less than that of some single-engine aircraft.

Diamond DA62 features

This plane is close to ideal. For example, if you need a seven-seater aircraft instead of a five- or six-seater, you should choose this model. If you do not have access to 100LL aviation gasoline, the DA62 will also be a good alternative to a gasoline-powered aircraft.
And if you finally want to feel confident when flying cross-country, the DA62 model should definitely be on your shopping list.

Diamond DA62


Lenght 9,19 m
Height 2,82 m
Wingspan 14,55 m
Engine 2 × Austro Engine AE 330 Common-Rail
Horse powers 180 h.p.
Мax. speed 356 km/h
Мax. range 2376 km
Cruise speed 356 km/h
Stall speed 126 km/h
Useful load 702 m
Service ceiling 6096 m
Propeller 2 × MT propeller MTV-6-RCF / CF 194-80
Fuel consumption 44,7 l
Мax. take off mass 2300 kg

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