Private Pilot License/PPL(A)

The private pilot license (PPL) gives the right to perform non-commercial flights on a light-engine, small-sized aircraft, according to the “Visual Flight Rules VFR” (Visual Flight Rules).

Obtaining this license will allow you to fly independently anywhere in the world. The training is carried out in accordance with the requirements of EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency).

If you are pursuing a professional pilot's career, this license is the first stepping stone on your journey, as all subsequent license levels and supplementary certifications assume you hold a PPL(A) as a prerequisite for enrollment.

Enrollment requirements:

 Age – from 17 and older;  
 Health – certificate of the medical commission of the 1st or 2nd class in accordance with the requirements of EASA (Part-MED);
 English - Language proficiency in accordance with FCL.055 (minimum level 4).

Information about the course


The flight training course consists of 45 flight hours. You will start learning the basics of safe flying at one of our home base airports; as you progress, cross-country (navigation training) flights will take you to a number of airports around the Republic of Slovenia and, if you wish, in neighboring countries as well. Other highlights include a two-stopover flight of 270 km minimum total length and 10 hours of solo flying (with an instructor supervision from the ground). By the time you are done, you will have enough knowledge and skill to safely fly most anywhere, including to large international commercial airports. If you also qualify yourself in the ICAO standard of Aviation English, you will be able to take your plane around the world. 

The theoretical training course consists of 100 hours and is conducted online or offline. Before starting flight lessons, students need to cover a theoretical foundation consisting of air law, general knowledge of aeroplanes, the relevant limitations of human performance, the basics of flying, and radio communication. Once you have commenced flight lessons, additional theory covers mainly flight navigation, meteorology, and preparatory topics for the license examination. If you prefer, you may also take the full theoretical curriculum before starting flight training including examination.At the end of the theory course, you will need to take an official final examination at the Slovenian Civil Aviation Agency.

PPL(A) EASA  course with theoretical training online


Theoretical training (100 hours) - is carried out on the Zoom platform or Google Meet, classes are held online with a teacher 3 times a week for 3 hours. The duration of theoretical training is 2 months.
Practical training (45 hours) – flights are carried out in Slovenia. The duration of practical training is approximately 5 weeks.

PPL(A) EASA course with theoretical training offline


Theoretical training (100 hours) – in Slovenia, classes are held with a teacher in the classroom 6 times a week for 6 hours. The duration of theoretical training is 1 month.
Practical training (45 hours) – flights are carried out in Slovenia. The duration of practical training is approximately 5 weeks.

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