VL3 Retractable Gear Rotax 915is VL3 Retractable Gear Rotax 915is

VL3 Retractable Gear Rotax 915is

VL3 Retractable Gear Rotax 915is


The VL3 Retractable gear Rotax 915is aircraft manufactured by JMB Aircraft is an advanced ultralight aircraft with high cruising speed and remarkable flight range, ideal for both training flights and long-distance flights.

Amazing short take off/landing distance
Due to the 55 degree flap angle, the VL3 has an impressive short landing, you only need 175 meters to land with a full stop or take off.

370km/h for speed lovers
Due to its special aerodynamic characteristics, the VL3 is suitable for both training flight and tourist trips. The aircraft has a cruising speed of 370 km/ h and is ideal for long-distance flights.

Range 2000km for real travelers
On the Baltic Sea coast for a morning walk on the beach or to Vienna for sightseeing, and in the evening for a glass of wine in Rome. A weekend flight to Venice or past Mont Blanc to the French Riviera. Write your travel stories with VL3 Evolution and expand your flight horizons.

More about VL3

The VL3 is tested in collaboration with the Czech Aerospace Institute. The VL3 was successfully tested to ultimate loads of up to +15Gs and -8Gs. The VL3 is free of flutter until 450 km/h TAS. The VNE is limited to 340 km/h IAS. The VNO is 280 km/h IAS.

Airframe Parachute
The parachute system is designed to protect occupants in the event of an emergency by lowering the aircraft to the ground after deployment. In the event of an in-flight emergency, pulling the red handle deploys a solid-fuel rocket out a hatch that covers the compartment where the parachute is stored.

The Angle of Attack indicator will give you a warning if you approach the critical angle of attack before stalling. Close to the fuselage, on the leading edge, the VL3 is equipped with stall strips to improve the controllability of the aircraft when it enters a stall.


More about VL3

The airframe is completely made of composite material which excels in its specific strength and excellent fatigue properties. The entire aircraft can be broken down into individual units, i. e., both halves of the wing and tail surfaces, including stabilizers, can be separated from the fuselage to ease aircraft transport.

The aerodynamic design of the wing gives the aircraft appropriate fall characteristics. The separation of air flow in the critical angle of slope happens at the root of the wing. This ensures good handling of the machine until it drops and symmetrically stalls. This allows for the aircraft’s smooth and agile handling. 

Tail surfaces
The tail section employs a true and tested traditional design. The internal structure of the stabilizers is similar to the construction of the wings. Therefore the tail section can be completely removed from the hull, with the exception of the keel, which is its integral part.

More about VL3

Cargo door
Get easy access to the luggage compartment with the cargo doors. Travel in style.

Fixed gear, for flight schools
The fixed gear version of VL3 is designed for flight schools. Your students will learn faster since the VL3 is really easy to fly having an incredible low stall speed and short landing roll.

You can choose between a fixed or variable pitch propeller. The propeller is adjustable in-flight to enhance your climb and cruise performance. Its adjustability will also shorten your take-off distance.For best results install the Rotax 915, hydraulic governor and Woocomp KW31 hydraulic propeller.


Additional equipment

To increase your safety the VL3 can be equipped with a TCAS (Traffic alert and Collision Avoidance). If other aircraft are in your vicinity you will receive a visual and audio alert to your EFIS and headset.

An ELT ( Emergency locator transmitter) may also be installed in case of an emergency landing to enable SAR services to quickly locate you.

Most VL3 aircraft are equipped with Auto pilot. If you lose control of the aircraft upon accidentally entering a cloud, you can activate the levelling function and the aircraft will automatically level out.

VL3 Retractable Gear Rotax 915is


  Rotax 912ULS Rotax 914UL Turbo Rotax 915is Turbo
Take off / Landing 200 m 175 m 175 m
Best rate of climb 396 m/min 487 m/min 609 m/min
Max cruise speed 280 кm/h ТАС 310 кm/h ТАС 370 кm/h ТАС
Stall speed 78 кm/h IAS 78 кm/h IAS 78 кm/h IAS
VNE 305 кm/h IAS 340 кm/h IAS 340 кm/h IAS
Horse power 100 HP 115 HP 142 HP
Маx height 5486 m 7010 m 7010 m
Empty weight 310 кg 340 кg 360 кg
Useful load 290 кg 260 кg 240 кg
MTOW 600 кg 600 кg 600 кg
Wingspan 8,44 m 8,44 m 8,44 m
Length 6,24 m 6,24 m 6,24 m
Height 2,05 m 2,05 m 2,05 m
Cabin Width 115 сm 115 сm 115 сm
Fuel tank 120 l 140 l 140 l

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