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Diamond DA40

Diamond DA40



Diamond DA 40 is a high-performance single-engine aircraft that is designed to provide a thrilling flying experience, while also offering comfort and convenience for the pilot and passengers. With its sleek exterior and advanced avionics, the Diamond 40 is a popular choice for pilots looking for a versatile and reliable aircraft.

The Diamond 40 has a length of 8.06 meters, a wingspan of 11.63 meters, and a height of 1.97 meters. Its all-composite airframe is designed for maximum strength and durability, while also being lightweight, resulting in better fuel efficiency and performance. The aircraft's distinctive design features a low wing configuration and retractable landing gear, contributing to its sleek and streamlined appearance.

The interior of the Diamond 40 is designed for comfort and convenience, with seating for up to four passengers. The cabin is well-appointed with leather seats, air conditioning, and a state-of-the-art entertainment system. The aircraft's large windows provide excellent views and natural light, adding to the overall sense of openness and relaxation.


➤ Versatility and efficiency. It is suitable for a wide range of applications, including flight training, personal travel, aerial photography etc.
➤ The aircraft's composite airframe and efficient engine contribute to its low operating costs
➤ Engine choice - Austro Engine or Lycoming. Available either with a jet fuel or an AVGAS engine
➤ Advanced avionics and navigation systems ensure safety and reliability
➤ Comfortable and well-appointed cabin makes it a pleasant and enjoyable way to travel. 
➤ Excellent handling characteristics and responsive controls.

Technical Characteristics:

Diamond DA 40 is powered by an Austro Engine AE 300 turbocharged common-rail injected 2.0 liter diesel engine, producing 168 horsepower. The aircraft has a maximum speed of 154 knots and a range of up to 934 nautical miles, making it ideal for short to medium-haul flights. Its advanced avionics and navigation systems ensure precision control and safety, with cutting-edge features such as a Garmin G1000NXi glass cockpit, synthetic vision, and terrain awareness and warning system make it a popular choice among pilots looking for a thrilling flying experience.

Diamond DA40


Length 8,06 m
Height 1,97 m
Wingspan 11,63 m
Engine choice:  
- Engine Austro Engine AE 300 Common-Rail 2,0 * 168 hp
- Engine Lycoming IO360M1A AVGAS * 180 hp
Max. cruise speed 285 кm/h
Cruise speed (60%) 230 кm/h
Stall speed, landing configuration 107 кm/h
Max. range (FL160, 50% PWR) incl. climb, no reserves 1730 кm
Max. operating altitude 5000 m
Fuel consumption 19,3 l/h
Max. useful load 407 кg
Max. take off mass 1310 kg
Seats 4

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