Airus Single Engine Jet Airus Single Engine Jet

Airus Single Engine Jet

Airus Single Engine Jet


The State-of-the-Art Carbon fiber very light Airus Single Engine Jet with a focus on very low operating costs, a spacious cabin with 4 comfortable seats, the highest payload, superior & safe performance, flight and handling qualities. Ultramodern touchscreen-controlled systems.

«While watching the presentation on the Single Engine Executive Jet and evaluating the technical specifica-ons, really liked what I saw. An airplane with impressive and realistic, but still conservative numbers, with the potential that no other competitor has on the market.»

from reference letter
Marcelo Simoni
Executive Director
Holstein Aviation Inc.
Top 10 Largest Turbine Aircraft Dealers
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As a growing company Egmont Aviation has an opportunity to build a company for tomorrow. Our business model, people, and culture have all been influenced by our awareness of our social impact and place as a good corporate citizen in our community. We bring to the market amazing products.
The state-of-the-art carbon fiber structure of airplanes lets us be the most attractive offer on the market with the lowest sales price, the lowest production cost, the most sustainable, and the longest assigned operating resources.
One engine and Sustainable Aviation Fuel - these two characteristics make our Jet fully oriented on sustainability, and the lowest CO2 emission per fl ight. SAF can achieve lifecycle emissions savings of over 70% compared with conventional jet fuel.
It will be much quieter than other Jets and will be much cheaper to maintain!
Egmont Aviation prioritizes environmental responsibility and aims to create efficient aircraft. Lower fuel burn and operating costs are key selection criteria in evaluating prospective airframes for Egmont’s aircraft. Aircraft that match these criteria, in addition to being financially efficient, reduce carbon footprint. Egmont believes that sustainability is a critical aspect of its business and is actively taking steps to reduce its impact on the environment.

We also strongly believe in creating a diverse, equitable, and inclusive workplace that values and celebrates all employees. We invest in our employees through training and mentorship and provide a range of competitive benefits.

There is an active phase of creating the aircraft with the involvement of the best consultants and specialists in the world. Currently we are on the design documentation development stage and searching for investments to manufacture Single-Engine Jet. That will be a breakthrough in the market!
If you want to become a part of team as our investor partner pls contact
Alexey Ratay
Egmont Aviation
+43 6767553951

Airus Single Engine Jet



Number of seats 4 + 1
Maximum range 2 600 km
Maximum altitude 10 000 m (mask)
Speed 470-570 km/h


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