Enstrom 480B Enstrom 480B

Enstrom 480B

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Enstrom 480B


Enstrom 480B

Enstrom 480B is a single–engine, gas turbine helicopter certified for night and day visual flights, equipped for instrument flight. Thanks to the universal design of the cabin, up to 5 people can be mixed in the helicopter, and the curb weight of the helicopter is 1361 kg.
The 480B helicopter has a fuel reserve of 340 liters, and can stay in the air for more than 4 hours. A large, comfortable cabin provides excellent visibility, and a considerable, smoothly operating system of screws allowed for relative silence during the flight.


Enstrom 480B


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Aircraft Flight Equipment
ET-4 RC Allen 26BK-2-8 Attitude Gyro
ET-5 RC Allen 15 BK-1 Directional Gyro
ET-6 Vertical Speed Indicator 
AT-3 Bose Series X Active Noise Canceling Headsets 
AT-4 Bose Series X Interface Units
NPN Garmin GMA 347 Audio Panel
AT-13 Garmin GNS 430 GPS/COM 
AT-15 Garmin GTX 327 Mode C Transponder
AT-22 KCS 55A Compass System with KI 525 HSI
AT-28 Avionics Cooling Fan 
NPN King KRA0405B-15 Dual Antennae Radar Altimeter
AT-32 ACK A-30 Blind Encoder 
Optional Aircraft Equipment
HT-1 Fire Extinguisher (Aviation Type)
HT-10 Shadin MiniFlo Fuel Flow Totalizer 
HT-19 Bleed Air Heater Defroster 
HT-20 Baggage Compartment Extension 
HT-22 Pneumatic Door Openers, Cabin (Set)
HT-23 Pneumatic Door Openers,Engine Compartment Set
HT-25 Dual Controls 


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