VL-3 Retractable Gear 914 Turbo Trade in VL-3 Retractable Gear 914 Turbo Trade in

VL-3 Retractable Gear 914 Turbo Trade in

from 212 662.00 EUR
VL-3 Retractable Gear 914 Turbo Trade in



Do you want to fly? No need to wait!

Choose an individual configuration, interior and exterior, based on your own preferences and needs.

And get your plane in 8 months, instead of 24!

Full overview of VL3 aircraft see here

VL-3 Retractable Gear 914 Turbo Trade in


  Rotax 914RG Turbo Description Аvionics
Take off & Landing 175 m 3-blade proppeler Radio Garmin GTR 225A 8,33kHz 10W
Best rate of climb 487 m/min Rotax 914iS 115 Hp Garmin GMC507 AP control
Max cruise speed 310 кm/h ТАС Rescue system 600Kg Garrecht AT-1 TCAS+FLARM
Stall speed 78 кm/h IAS Certified canopy Winter 57 altitude indicator (+100gr)
Vne 340 кm/h IAS Beringer Brakes (red, black) Airplane options
Horsepower 115 h.p. Cabin heating Galaxy Speedy 600KG rescue system + installation 
Max. operating altitude 7010 m ASI, AOA Camera landing gear (only with EFIS)
Empty weight 340 кg Hobbs, Slip ind. Electric flaps + ground protection landing gear
Useful load 260 кg OAT, Oil Temp, Oil Pres Adjustable pedals pilot side
MTOW 600 кg CHT, RPM, Fuel ind. Interior options
Wingspan 8,44 m Acryl paint (White or Light grey) Certified safety belts with Form1 (customize your colour)
Length 6,24 m Andair fuel selector Aveo air ventilation on instrument panel
Height 2,05 m Aviation Tires  
Cabin Width 115 cm Carbon Instrument Panel  
Fuel tanks 120 L Aveo Air Ventilation  
    Garmin GSB 15, 12V  
    Interior Allure JMB (selection of 7 colors)  

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