Thermal rest

Rimske Terme  Resort 

Rimske Terme Resort is a spa and wellness complex in the middle of a lush forest. The resort has an outdoor panoramic pool connected with the indoor pool. The thermal water in Roman Terme is one of the richest and most healing in Slovenia. It is an ideal place for wellness, entertainment, social activities, massages and body treatments, sauna relax, recreation and real pampering. 
Treasure in Slovenia, where one can Experience the pleasures of the ancient Romans.



History of thermal water 

The healing effects of thermal water were already known to the ancient Romans, who in 39 BC. built pools with hot and cold water in the same place. Centuries passed, and the popularity of miracle water springs only grew. Members of the royal family came here in the belief that they had discovered a miraculous healing spring. For a long time, the spa was accessible only to members of the upper classes and high-ranking military officers. Today, however, they are available to anyone who wants to try their healing effects.

Analyzes show that acrothermal water in Rimske terme is one of the richest in Slovenia in terms of the content of chemical elements that have a beneficial effect on the human body. The well-being of people is also stimulated by the surroundings of the thermal baths, the crystal clear air and the fairytale landscape of unspoiled forests.


Wellness & Recreation 

In the modern Amalija Wellness Center, which will enchant you with its rich tradition, you will connect with nature, feel the rich wisdom of our ancestors and regain your life energy. The natural features are rounded off by the offer of unique swimming pools modeled on Roman baths, baths from Roman times in a historic thermal temple, a mystical ambience that takes you back in time, the Land of Saunas Varnia with various saunas, a wide range of massages, body and facial treatments with professional beauticians fitness center and hair salon. 
 You will be offered   Roman Baths, classic WELLNESS and SPA programs.
 All programs take place in  historic part of the complex with marble Roman fonts .


Pools and SPA

The wonderful panoramic pool of Rimske terme is a real spot to admire the lush forest and the surrounding beauty. The temperature is always adjusted according to the weather so one can enjoy it all year long.  The outdoor  pool is connected to the indoor pool, so while being inside you easily move and swim around. One can enjoy  indoor whirlpools, water seats and water beds and nice atmosphere. 
To complete a great body care, there are wide rage of saunas in the complex such as Finnish, steam, infrared, salt, Bio-herbal and also rich  programs performed by  experienced sauna masters.



Rimske terme has one of the best equipped medical and rehabilitation centers in Slovenia. At Valetuda Medical Center, under the guidance of experienced physiotherapists and top rehabilitation experts, we run rehabilitation programs to help you recover from injuries and illnesses.
Valetuda Medical Center is one of the most modern medical rehabilitation centers in Slovenia. It is located on the 3rd floor of the  Hotel and is named after the Roman goddess of health and well-being Valetudi. Here are provided various Spa treatments and rehabilitation, balneology, therapies and many programs. 


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