Aviation tourism

What is Avia tourism ?

The concept of avia tourism is the possibility to travel within cities or countries with small aircraft.  Air tours are a great way to spend vacation anywhere in the world. You can admire the unique monuments of architecture and art, take part in holidays, make new acquaintances with interesting people, and get a complete picture of the culture of the peoples of other countries.

Aviation is the important method of transportation for tourism and the air is thus a key component of travelling. The aircrafts provide a vital link between the areas with touristic relevance, sightseeing’s and wonderful destinations.

Therefore, lovers of open space have a good opportunity to satisfy their curiosity and see the beauty of the unique land from a bird's eye view.



Aviation tourism

Aviation tourism is now a very popular means of travelling. Flying in small aircraft  has a lot unforgettable impressions. The most beautiful panorama opens before the eyes of traveler who has chosen this way to get acquainted with the area of ​​interest to him. There is no need to compare regular flights that are associated with business trips and planned trips, because air tours are specially designed for fun and entertainment. Tourists can see the sights of the area in a couple of hours and at the same time not get tired of the trip. Without road dust, smog, exhaust gases, the flight turns into an exciting journey.

Avia tours

Egmont tours will help you experience a storm of emotion and energy from your trip.

Egmont tours offers avia packages where the majority of the transport is plane or helicopter. Your whole tour is carried out from airport to airport. Based on the data and route choice, we organize special program corresponding to the territory. You will be presented nearby highlights of each landed airport and served fully.

Avia tourism combines

  • Thrilling flights
  • Panoramic views
  • Rest & Wellness
  • Extreme
  • Adventures
  • Unique experiences 
  • Pilot fun
  • Flying hours for pilot license

Capitan of the tour

You don’t need to adjust your schedule with a group as you are the own Capitan of the tour.

On a day off, you can organize a flight to the beach; such services are increasingly popular with city dwellers, because a weekend in nature without a tiring road is really a vacation. Hence, aviation tourism is also beneficial by saving time.

For example, a trip to Ljubljana, Julian Alps with miraculous Bled Lake can be done in a two-day tour. Therefore, active residents of the metropolis are gradually breaking out of urban, gray interiors. Even if it is impossible to leave the city for a long time, you can organize a flight around familiar areas. A change in the usual environment has a beneficial effect on the human body and weekends will bring the desired relaxation.


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