Egmont Aviation has become the Official Distributor of JMB Aircraft


Dear friends, we are in a hurry to share the good news - Egmont Aviation has become the official distributor of JMB Aircraft in the markets of Slovenia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan.
JMB Aircraft is a Czech company that is the manufacturer of an advanced ultralight aircraft with high cruising speed and remarkable flight range - VL3 Evolution. 

The VL3 aircraft with retractable landing gear is ideal for both training flights and long-distance flights.

  • Amazing short landing
  • Due to the 55 degree flap angle, the VL3 has an impressive short landing, you only need 180 meters to land with a full stop.
  • 370km/h for speed lovers
  • Due to its special aerodynamic characteristics, the VL3 is ideal for tourist trips, as it has a cruising speed of 370 km/h.
  • 2000km range for real travelers
  • On the Baltic Sea coast for a morning walk along the beach or to Vienna for sightseeing, and in the evening for a glass of wine in Rome. Write your travel stories with VL3 Evolution and expand your flight horizons.
  • Maximum Factors +15/-6G for your safety
  • VL3 has been designed to support more G-factors than a human can support. 
  • Safety – Priority No. 1
  • VL3 is certified and tested in cooperation with the Czech Aerospace Institute. The aircraft was successfully tested for maximum loads up to +15 Gbit/s and -8 Gbit/s.
  • More than 400
  • VL3 aircraft have been sold and are already flying in the Czech Republic, Germany, Belgium, France, Norway, Portugal, Poland, the Baltic States, South Africa, the USA, Italy, Slovakia, Turkey, Hungary, Romania, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Spain – which is the best indicator of the reliability of the aircraft.

Flight specifications of the VL3:

  • Wingspan: 8.44m
  • Length: 6.24m
  • Height: 2.05m
  • Interior width: 115cm
  • Fuel tanks: 140L
  • Empty weight: 360kg
  • Payload: 240kg
  • Takeoff and landing: 175m
  • Best climb speed: 2000 ft/min
  • Cruising speed: 370km/h TAS
  • Stall speed: 78km/h according to the device
  • Engine: Rotax 915, 142HP.

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