New Air Gateway to Europe


Unlocking Southern Europe Potential.
Egmont Aviation team took part in the International conference on February 2, 2023, Ljubljana, Slovenia.

Is Southern Europe a new gateway to the continent? The emerging air transport market of the Southern European countries is a focal point for this new regional conference where representatives of air carriers, airports, leasing companies, financiers, lawyers, and aircraft manufacturers meet to discuss prospects of the region of increasing importance for global air transport.

Main topics:
Always a feeder to a major European airlines? The current and future role of airlines in Southern Europe.
Airlines fleet and network development strategy.
The evolution of the infrastructure landscape. Southern Europe airports perspectives.
ATC/ATM reform — objectives and obstacles.
Sustainability in air transport: strategy and tactics.
The event had brought together airlines and airports leaders from across the Europe and Mediterranean region along with representatives of air transport providers companies from across the world.


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