About Egmont Aviation


Egmont Aviation is a Slovenian company that specializes in aviation activities:

sale and European registration of aircrafts; 
Egmont Aviation is an official distributor of Diamond Aircraft (Austria) and JMB Aircraft (Czech Republic);
pilots training at the PPL/ATPL level with the issuance of an EASA sample license;
partner pilot training  programs
• special training course for pilots of the VL3 aircraft;
Aviation English course (LEVEL 4);
conversion of ICAO PPL licenses to EASA PPL;
conversion of ICAO CPL licenses to EASA ATPL;
investment programs in aircraft for obtaining a residence permit and citizenship in Slovenia;
• air travel in Europe;
• sale of related products in the Pilot shop.



The Egmont Aviation team has 10 years of experience in the field of aircraft and helicopters pilots training, engineering and technical personnel training according to ICAO standards in Ukraine, as well as experience in aircraft supply to the markets of Ukraine, Belarus and Turkmenistan.

 Realizing the imperfection of the aviation legislative system in the CIS countries and the uncompetitiveness of national licenses, we decided to expand our activities to the territory of the European Union.

 EASA pilot licenses are the most popular and recognized all over the world. Pilots wishing to get a job with European airlines must be the holder of a European EASA license. 

 In 2015, we worked out flight crew training programs according to EASA standards, but since Ukraine is not part of the EASA member countries, it was not possible to certify the flight school. In this regard, it was decided to expand opportunities and competitive advantage and to enter the European market in 2018.  

Egmont Aviation was founded in the Republic of Slovenia in 2019. This step allowed us to start developing a Partner network with the russian-speaking countries of the ICAO, which we regularly expand.

Furthermore, we have extended our endeavors into the realm of aircraft manufacturing, which has become our flagship direction. Our business now encompasses the entire sales cycle, starting from pilot training and culminating in the sale of aircraft, ranging from training models to advanced jets.

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