Mounting filter-separators

Mounting filter-separators
To solve the issues with fuel, caused by mechanical factors, company Automodern recommends  its customers mounting of filter-separators produced by Stanadyne Corporation (USA) as preventative measures.
Water, contaminants and paraffin — these are the main enemies for diesel engine. STANADYNE filter-separator removes them and performs additional fuel filtration. Thus, life time of high pressure fuel pump, injectors and plungers increases.
If your engine loses power, has increased emission, quakes and trembles at idle running or suddenly cuts out during moving then this is the result of using poor-quality fuel. Cost of repair of your fuel system can make up an extensive sum, if timely not to take additional steps on fuel cleaning. After mounting additional STANADYNE filter-separator it takes on the main part of filtration work. Additional 95% of water is deleted from fuel and discarded into settling bowl.
Stanadyne Filter*separators (Fuel Manager, Clarcor, Baldwin Filters)
FM10 Series
The FM10 Series is designed for diesel engines with a fuel flow rate up to 190 liters/hr. Typically this is engine power range from 10 to 200 HP. The FM 10 Series consists of a molded engineered plastic mounting header with a choice of different filter elements, which "twist on" using a Stanadyne patented feature. This ensures only the correct, genuine service element can be installed on the header, and assures the user that the engine is properly protected from contaminated fuel.
Company Automodern is official distributor of filters and their components. If purchasing at Automodern you can be sure that keep in hand original filter Fuel Manager (Stanadyne), produced in the USA. 
FM100 Series
This series is designed for diesel engines with a fuel flow rate up to 300 liters/hr with engine power range from 50 to 350 HP. The FM 100 Series consists of a cast aluminum mounting header (FM10 series – header is plastic) with a choice of threaded ports (almost any configuration). Push-in" quick fit connectors also provided (they make fuel line connecting quicker and cheaper). The filter elements interface with the header using a patented "Key Track" system, which, like the FM 10 Series, is designed to ensure that only the correct, genuine service element can be installed on the header.
FM1000 Series
We continue overview of Fuel Manager filters’ range. We have already went through two series of filter-separators of this manufacturer - FM10 and FM100.  Thus, now there is the most powerful type of FM range - 
This type of filter-separators is used at diesel engines of commercial and passenger cars, self-propelled machinery, at diesel engines of heavy equipment, sea and river vehicles, construction and agricultural machinery. FM1000 series is similar to FM100 series – it consists of cast aluminum mounting header, also KEY TRACK system is used to protect against counterfeit.
In our online shop you can purchase at a time protection set for diesel engine – the set includes additive for diesel fuel, filter assembly/filter element, heater for fuel. All sets are assorted individually for each vehicle type. Pleasant bonus – up to 20% discount on the sets. Nice shopping!

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