Repairing PLD units (EUP)

Repairing PLD units (EUP)
PLD-unit is operating mechanism (solenoid valve). Operating mechanism – is injector – installed separately in the cylinder head and connected with PLD-unit by high pressure pipe.
This injection system differs by high repairability.
Fuel injector is done separately from PLD-unit. As at low quality of diesel fuel the first part that breaks down is nozzle of the injector. Injector can be removed and tested and, if necessary, be adjusted or repaired.
PLD-units are mounted on the engine block. (repair of PLD-unit is close to the repair of unit-injectors (Bosch)). High pressure pipe connecting PLD-unit and injector is at open access. I.е., if necessary, it is possible to make diagnostic procedure with the lowest working hours directly on the car – measure pressure developed by PLD-unit.
PLD-units Delphi and Smart Injector (DAF-105) are repaired in accordance with manufacturer demands with assigning new calibrating codes of original spareparts.
Diagnostic and repair are done at specialized test benches.
Repairing mechanical and two-stage injectors
Diesel service Automodern  provides service on repairing and servicing diesel engines and its separate components, such as mechanical injectors.
Service station possesses all necessary equipment with the help of which injector testing is done in Minsk, as well repairing and adjusting of injectors. Large work experience assures you quality of conducting work.
Our highly qualified specialists make parameters checking that can influence on engine operation. In particular, the following is measured: fuel spraying quality, level of mechanical wear of the nozzle, opening pressure, shut-off stability. As the result of actions provided the reasons of mechanical injectors break down will be determined and recommendations on their repair will be given.
Reasons of changing nozzles and injectors in diesel engines
The main reason of injectors’ failure is loss of tightness at the locking cone. And in first turn the nozzle is affected – specifically its replacement is required in most cases.
Fault symptoms of the injector are changing of spraying quality. This obviously shows the nozzle damage that results at incorrect engine operation. It can be evident in misfiring, increased fuel consumption, knocking presence, slate-gray smoke, etc.
At our service station you can make repair of diesel engine injectors according to the manufacturers’ demands. 
Diagnostic of nozzles and injectors at service station «AUTOMODERN» is done at modern computing platform whereafter specialists will be able to remove parts and test them on the test bench. As the result you will get reliable information about failure nature and necessary repair volume. 
In case of damage of mating area of the copper ring we make rebuilding of surface of copper ring contact area.
Diesel service Automodern conducts  repairing of injectors with needle lift sensor.
Repair of electrical and mechanical components 


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