Rotary pump repairing

Rotary pump repairing
Repair of Bosch, Delphi, Stanadyne rotary pumps (with mechanical or electronic regulator) is done. 
Diesel service Automodern – is certified Delphi service on repairing pumps and injectors. (DP-200, 210,310)
Repairing Common Rail pumps
Common Rail injection system is mounted practically on all modern diesel cars and has a set of features that must be considered during operation of such car.
If servicing is correct and timely then Common Rail system is robust enough and rarely disturbs its owner but if to misstep (untimely servicing, fueling with poor-quality fuel) and you will face with serious problems. This fuel system is rather specific and many workshops do not have opportunity to qualitatively service, diagnose and repair it, as they do not have special equipment and specialists.
Company «AUTOMODERN» has large long-term work experience with diesels, possesses modern diagnostic equipment allowing determining fault cause. Modern equipment in combination with  competent specialists allows at professional level to make check, repair and adjusting of injectors, unit injectors and high pressure fuel pumps.
We work with original spareparts, give warranty on all executed works and parts changed. Our main priority is quality. Turning to us, you will for sure receive qualitative service at reasonable price, thus you will save your time and money.

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