Investing in an airplane for employment in Europe

Do you like flying? Want to live and work in Europe?

Invest in an airplane and come to work at European flight school with your airplane!

At the same time, get: 
• aircraft in private ownership and residence permit in the Republic of Slovenia;
• 5-year working contract with monthly income from 4000 to 9000 Euro depending on flight hours; 
• if you are not an instructor yet, optimize the cost of getting an instructor rating by training on your own plane.

Stable profit, European lifestyle, freedom and independence.

Fly and live for your pleasure! 


During the current working contract, our company assumes the following processes and costs:

• Opening of a legal enterprise and registration of a residence permit;
• Opening of accounts;
• Insurance contracts drawing up and registration; 
• Delivery and registration of the aircraft;
• Maintenance;
• Aircraft storage;
• Overhaul;
• Contracts drawing up etc.

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