Aircraft investment for a residence permit


Turnkey business in the Republic of Slovenia

Conducting legal activities in the Republic of Slovenia is the best option for business immigration. 
By purchasing an aircraft you get:

 • Opening of a turnkey legal entity and registration of a residence permit for the director of the company on the basis of an investment in an airplane;
Delivery and European registration of the aircraft;
• Guaranteed aircraft rental contract with Egmont Aviation Flight School, which trains customers from all over the world. 
The minimum duration of the contract is 5 years, the flight time is 600 hours/year;
• During the 5-year contract, the aircraft is amortized and the investor receives a partial return on the investment;
• Legal activity of the company for 5 years - before obtaining permanent residence;
• After the end of the contract, it is possible to:
a) extend the lease contract for another 5 years and obtain citizenship of the Republic of Slovenia by the owner;
b) the purchase of the aircraft by the flight school at the residual value;
c) our assistance in selling the aircraft to a third party.

During the current lease contract, our company undertakes the following processes and costs:

• Aircraft registration;
 • Maintenance;
 • Aircraft storage;
 • Overhaul;
 • Company registration; 
 • Opening of accounts;
 • Registration of insurance contracts; 
 • Accounting and other operational processes.

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