Flamingo Aircraft Flamingo Aircraft

Flamingo Aircraft

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Flamingo Aircraft


Flamingo aircraft is built entirely using carbon composite materials and is intended for both civilian and military pilot primary training. It is also designed for executing various aerobatic maneuvers, ranging from simple to complex and advanced, such as the "hammerhead" maneuver. It can handle load factors of +6/-4 and boasts a safety factor of 1.6. Utilizing composite materials not only increases safety and extends the aircraft's operational life but also contributes to lowering the cost per flight hour. This, in turn, can lead to potential reductions in training expenses for skilled professional and military pilots.

Flamingo Aircraft



  UL Power Engine Rotax Engine
Wingspan 8.7 m 8.7 m
Length 6.6 m 6.6 m
Height 2.45 m 2.45 m
Seats 2 2
Cabin Width 0.85 m 0.85 m
Wing area 10.53 sq m  10.53 sq m 
Stabilizer area 1.83 sq m  1.83 sq m 
Fuel tanks 104 L (2x 52 L) 104 L (2x 52 L)
Engine UL Power 350i SA Rotax 912 ULS 
Horsepower 136 HP 100 HP
Vne 300 кm/h 300 кm/h
Сruise speed (75%) 260 кm/h 250 кm/h
Economical speed 274 кm/h 266 кm/h
Maneuvering speed 213 кm/h 197 кm/h
Ultimate loads +6/-5 +6/-2
Aerodynamic quality 17 17
Rate of climb 8.3 m/sec 6 m/sec
Range 1040 km 1250 km
Propeller Airmaster 2 blade automatic Kaspar 3 blade automatic
Parachute Galaxy6  Galaxy6 
Radio KRT2 Becker
Transponder KRT, ELT Becker, No ELT
GPS LX-Navigation LX-Navigation
Interior Leather seats and protective
covers for aircraft
Leather seats and protective
covers for aircraft


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